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2021 Officers... 2021 Marque Leaders...
President: Terry Roberts Austin Healey: Jim Hofer
Vice President: Jeb Blanchard Empire: Tom Wilson
Secretary: Jim Duke Jaguar: Dave White
Treasurer: Jerry Farrar MG: Paul Burdette
Triumph: Jon Brody
  Lotus: Chris Irving

Car Show Chairman: Jim Hofer

Newsletter Editor: Jim Duke

Communications Assistant: Janey Reynolds

Webmaster/Historian: Joe Reed

2021 Newsletters

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July 10, 2021 - BSCC Scavenger Hunt
This event began at Pleasant Hill Cemetery on Brunswick Road, which was founded in 1853 and was the site of Brunswick Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The church was used as a Hospital during the Confederate War. Seventeen unknown confederate soldiers who died there are buried in a nearby plot along with many of the pioneers of the area.

After answering a few riddles at the historic cemetery, BSCC members enjoyed a leisurely 40 mile drive on the most desolate roads Shelby and Tipton county have to offer and had a few more questions to be dealt with.

The Rally ended at Chris and Pam Irvingís home in the woods in Bartlett with Pamís delicious spaghetti and French Bread. Handmade awards were handed out for best answers, worst answers, worst luck and best vehicle. Photos of the event (courtesy of Al Ross) are below...

7/21 BSCC Scavenger Hunt

May 30, 2021 - Indy 500 Fish Fry
Jim Hofer hosted our annual Indy 500 Fish Fry, as he has done for many years. Here are photos of the event courtesy of Carolyn Shepard.

5/21 Indy 500 Fish Fry

April 24, 2021 - DeTerra Winery
The skies cleared just in time to provide a beautiful day for this event - a drive to the De Terra Winery near Somerville. Carolyn Shepard provided these photos of the event...

4/21 De Terra Winery

March 14, 2021 - BSCC Spring Break(out)
Our first driving event of 2021 was a pleasant drive from Greenbelt Park on Mud Island, northward through the Shelby Forest area and on to Munford City Park in Tipton County where we had a small birthday celebration for Dave White. As you can see in the photos, we had an excellent turnout for this event - the first in many months -  with a wide variety of classic British sports cars, newer British cars...and a couple of German examples as well. The weather cooperated beautifully with temps in the mid-70s and no rain in sight.

3/21 BSCC Spring Break(out)

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