August 22nd & 23rd, 2009 - SCCA Regional Races at Memphis Motorsports Park

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Attached are three photos from the BSCC day at Memphis Motorsports Park, doing corner work for the SCCA Double Regional races and Performance Driving Experience.

Jack Reynolds & Jim Duke worked F & C (Flagging and Communication) in corner 7 (at the end of the back stretch). Jeb Blanchard was F & C in corner 8 (at start of dragstrip straight), Sherri Williams along with Charles & Jerry Coleman were F & C in corner 4 (I think). Buzz Merchlewitz did flat towing using his 77 Chevy pickup.

The photos depict, Jack Reynolds during a stint on the radios (we took turns handling communications and the various flag positions), and Buzz hauling a crew (he called them his Mexican workers) out to clean up a major oil spill on the main straight - a Pontiac G8S lost engine, transmission, or both big time. Oil and aluminum bits were scattered over a wide swath.

Other than a couple of spins and off-track excursions, there wasn't a lot of excitement on Saturday. The weather was splendid, the noise alluring, and the cars notably fast.

-Jim Duke


Attached are more photos. Die-hards were flagging when they returned for more time on Sunday. Buzz joined the F&C at Corner 1, Jack returned to his post at 7 (I think), Charles moved to 4 (By the way, yesterday should have read Corner _5_ for Jerry, Charles and Sherri, and the Cravens boys were the ones at 4 for a half day, and Jerry moved to 4 for the latter half). Day two was as exciting as the first; we had armadillo traffic as well as several other small spins and shortcuts on the track. By the way, that super fast Mazda had a Vette engine inside...and the engine crankshaft broke on that G8.

A funny aside: according to our F&C captain, when flagging up in Canada, they use an additional hand signal for ""Marmot on the track" (prairie dogs)!

Added the cool morning photo just for fun...One of many taken at high speed out the window en route to the track! Once on the track, not much time for photos! F&C is always READY! :)

-Sherri Williams

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