February 25, 2007 - Vice President's Rallye

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For those of you who missed the rally, it was a sunny, windy, cool day as we lined up behind Bob Evans for the Vice President's rally.  Six teams competed in the rally, and were observed by the VP Rallymaster Tom Eckert and sidekick, Sherri.  All joined up at the final destination for a wonderful dinner at Vinegar Jim's in Arlington.  Four British cars braved the elements: The Hofer's Austin Healey, the Balton's Land Rover, the Gold's Jaguar and the Duke's MGB.  Additional club members included the Coleman's who received their own special award and the Lofton's, the latter of whom missed the rally but were able to join us for dinner.

The rally took us through Cordova, Eads, Hickory Withe, Gallaway, and Arlington, and the alert participants got most questions correct.  The most difficult one, which proved to be the tie-breaker, concerned the height of the radio tower outside  S.Y. Wilson's General Store in Arlington.  First Prize went to the Duke Team, Second to the Reeds, and Third place was won by the Baltons.

An old Packard created puzzlement to some who didn't recognize the rusty 4-door set back on one piece of property along the way.  Counting silos was another predicament which aroused landowner interest in the rally.  Some participants who took the time to chat with people along the way discovered that one Fayette Countian possessed 5 old petrol signs, from Texaco, Gulf, Phillips 66, Atlantic and Mobil.  A good time was had by all and the staff at Vinegar Jim's was most accommodating to our group.

 2/07 Vice President's Rallye

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