December 10, 2006 - Post Fest Rally

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Here's a brief recap of how yesterday's rerun of the Car Fest Rallye went.

A small, but hardy band of LBC owners (plus one Mercedes-Benz club member) met in Colleta's parking lot at 1:30 p.m. and took off on what turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon drive. Leaving at approximately one-minute intervals, the BSCC members drove north past Youth Villages, then northeast, then east, then south, then east, then west, then south to arrive back almost exactly where they started. Instead of Colleta's we gathered at the East End Grill to dampen appetites and tot up who got more correct answers to the roadside quiz each participant carried along.

Participants were - Joe & Angie Reed (1978 MGB), Larry Kiehna & Dana Henking (1974 MGB), Rob & Anne Cosgrove (1970 E-Type Jaguar), Gordon & Tammy Gold (1966 Sunbeam Tiger), and Dan Konkul (of the Mercedes Club but driving a Honda Civic!!!). Plus, Bill Cravens (in his 1976? Triumph Spitfire) was there to help send everyone on the way!

After sending participants on their way, the warm afternoon sun was so compelling that your rallyemaster was seduced into a relatively high-speed traveling of the planned route. I had managed less than three miles along the route before, surprisingly beginning to meet rallye participants headed the wrong way! First the Cosgroves, then the Reeds, and then the Golds (more on that later). Well, they all got a brisk wave in passing but the early encounters were disconcerting. Were they lost? Already? Were the directions wrong? Again? Were the questions too hard? Not likely!

Well, thought I, they have my cell phone number and will call if they have troubles. Airily dismissing their concerns, I quickly drove the 50 +/- miles of rallye route and headed for a much needed beverage at the East End Grill. Actually, it would have gone much quicker except I got stuck behind a motorcycle rider who seemed determined to stay within 20 mph of the posted limit! The very idea!!

I was barely half way through my initial bea (big east ale) when Gordon & Tammy Gold arrived, sans score sheet. They claimed (highly likely story!) that Gordon refused to drive slow enough for Tammy to successfully record their answers to questions posed by the rallye instructions. So, they just took advantage of the mild, sunny afternoon for a tour of fun roads in rural west Tennessee.

Once all the participants found their way through the route and questions, and had a chance to place their orders at our end/rest point, score sheets were quickly totaled to show the following results:

Fourth place – Rob & Anne Cosgrove. They won the dreaded thick glasses award for getting the fewest correct answers. 
Third place – Dan Konkul. He took home the stinky key ring to signify that some days are worse than others. 
Second place – Joe & Angie Reed. They collected a rock in the windscreen for not being in the lead. 
First place – Larry Kiehna & Dana Henking. This intrepid pair carried off the coveted rubber chicken (which Dana hinted would make a nice evening’s meal for Barbara & Evan).

While Gordon & Tammy’s DNF kept them off the podium they may have had the best of the deal – a pleasant afternoon drive without having to answer annoying questions!
The turnout was small, but we all had fun. And, had plenty of elbow room at the winner’s table.

Yr O’bdnt Srvt

Jim Duke

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