February 26, 2006 - Bleak Mid Winter Rallye

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A handful of hardy LBC owners met in Coletta's parking lot to start the "Bleak Mid Winter Rallye". A biting north wind belied the sunny blue sky overhead as temperatures shivered in the high 40s.

Still, our intrepid band struck out on a 50 mile dash across eastern Shelby County. Daring the toothy wind, our LBC owners were seeking answers to some of the persistent questions that keep us lying awake at night. Questions such as, "What wild animal is found in Pine Acres?", or "To what does Jumbo, Large, and Small refer?"

Though LBC lovers all, cars of Teutonic extraction were most abundant. Larry Kiehna brought his MGB, as did Joe Reed, and Tom Eckart was in his MGC. The LeFevres came in an Audi, Robin Balton drove a BMW M3, Dana Henking was driving a Porsche, as did Jack Reynolds. Jim Ostner brought his big GMC SUV while Sharon Duke drove her British made Honda.


The results? Drum roll please...

3rd Place: Larry Kiehna and Haavi Morreim

2nd Place: The Balton Gang - Lisa, Robin and John

1st Place: Thomas Eckert and Sherri Williams

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