2005 Memphis British Car & Motorcycle Fest 

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The 22nd Anniversary Memphis British Car & Motorcycle Fest made it appearance at the Memphis Boy's Town campus of Youth Villages for the 3rd year - and the event just keeps getting better!. Terrific weather, a beautiful site and a large contingent of wonderful British car enthusiasts always makes this the event of the year - and this year was no exception Below are a few photos from the event, as well as a listing of all the award winners.

 10/05 Memphis British Car & Motorcycle Fest

Best of Show (High Point Car)

  Hiram Shepard (1951 MG TD)

Class A (Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget)

1st - Dennis Norris (1959 Austin Healey Sprite)

2nd - Jack Brashear (1962 Austin Healey Sprite)

3rd - Charles Lessman (1973 MG Midget)

Class B (Austin-Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000)

1st - Jim Hofer (1964 Austin Healey BJ8)

2nd - H. R. Page (1959 Austin Healey 3000 MKI)

3rd - John Thomas (1967 Austin Healey BJ8)

Class C (MG TC, TD, TF, TF-1500 & Pre-war)

1st - Hiram Shepard (1951 MG TD)

2nd - Charles Clark (1946 MG TC)

Class D (MGA)

1st - Ken Grant (1962 MGA MKII)

2nd - Jim Stone (1960 MGA)

3rd - Kellis Young (1957 MGA)

Class E (MGB/MGC 1962 - 1974, including GTs)

1st - Robin Balton (1974 MGB)

2nd - Phil Schmidt (1967 MGB)

Class F (MGB 1974 1/2 - 1980, including GTs)

1st - Jim Duke (1977 MGB)

2nd - Bob Andersen (1977 MGB)

3rd - Helen Stahl (1977 MGB)

Class G (Triumph Spitfire & GT6)

1st - Ronnie McLeod (1969 Triumph Spitfire MKII)

2nd - Mary Jane Doran (1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500)

3rd - Bob Ross (1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500)

Class H (Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250)

1st - Charles Hutchinson (1967 Triumph TR4A)

Class I (Triumph TR6)

1st - Jeff Slaton (1974 Triumph TR6)

Class K (Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150)

1st - Jim Ostner (1961 Jaguar XK 120)

2nd - Pat Cashman (1956 Jaguar XK 140)

3rd - Walt Fisher (1957 Jaguar XK 140)

Class L (Jaguar XKE Coupe & Roadster)

1st - Charles Coleman (1968 Jaguar XKE 2+2)

2nd - Bond Christie (1970 Jaguar XKE)

3rd - Thom Perhac (1970 Jaguar XKE)

Class M (Jaguar Sedan & Saloon)

1st - Dennis Norris (1964 Jaguar MKII Saloon)

Class N (Morris, Austin, MG Sedan - Minor & Mini)

1st - Lance Felix (1955 Morris Traveler)

Class O (Empire Sports - Lotus, Sunbeam, etc.)

1st - John Thomas (1981 Delorean DMC)

2nd - Gordon Gold (1966 Sunbeam Tiger)

Class P (Empire Sedan - Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc.)

1st - Margaret Ryan (1961 Rolls Royce)

2nd - Dennis Norris (1960 Rolls Royce)

Class Q (Competition/Modified)

1st - Steve Wayne (1961 MGA/Ford V8)

2nd - John Mangles (1959 MGA/Buick V8)

3rd - Grant Gongoll (1960 Austin Healey Sprite)

Class R (New Cars - 1993 or later)

1st - Casey Speraw (2004 MINI)

2nd - Jack Reynolds (2002 MINI)

Class S (British Motorcycles)

1st - Joe Zellner (1977 Triumph T140SJ)

Class ES (Early Seniors - 2 or more previous first place awards in this show - 1965 or older)

1st - Mark Hinrichs (1960 MGA)

2nd - Sam Tune (1961 Jaguar XKE)

Class LS (Late Seniors - 2 or more previous first place awards in this show - 1966 or newer)

1st - Paul Svoboda (1980 MGB LE)

2nd - Phillip Pitts (1969 MGB GT)

3rd - John Brody (1980 Triumph Spitfire)

Fun Rallye Results

1st - Joe Reed
2nd - Paul & Karen Svoboda
3rd - Carolyn Shepard & Sylvia Rose

People's Choice Awards

Fest Favorite

Dennis Norris (1964 Jaguar MKII Saloon)

Best Paint

Jim Ostner (1951 Jaguar XK 120)

Best Engine

John Mangles (1961 MGA/Buick V8)

Best Interior

Jim Hofer (1964 Austin Healey BJ8)

Best Presentation

Lance Felix (1955 Morris Traveler)

Highest Mileage to Fest

Ken Grant (1962 MGA MK II)

from Parkville, MO

The Lamar McQuirter Award

The Lamar McQuirter Award, named for the long time BSCC member, officer and auto enthusiast; recognizes those who have demonstrated a special interest in British Cars and outstanding service to the British Sports Car Club of Memphis. This year's award was presented to...

Thom Perhac, our club Treasurer

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