August 25, 2002 - The Hooters Tour

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No, it's not the professional golf tour by that name, it's our monthly BSCC event! OK, so we didn't actually have an event planned for this month. At the last minute, it was decided (by those who wish to remain anonymous) to meet at the Agricenter at our usual starting point down the hill from the Butcher Shop at 4:00 - in an attempt to beat the beat. Dana Henking planned a route through eastern Shelby County that ultimately led us to the newly opened Hooter's Restaurant near Wolfchase Galleria for wings, burgers, etc. - and an adult beverage or two.

We had (if the count is correct) 26 people in a variety of cars that included 6 MGBs and 2 XKEs - along with 3 Porsches, a T-Bird and a Miata. Coffee Cup awards were presented at Hooters for the following categories:

Best Hardtop - Sharon Duke

Best English Ford - Charles Coleman

Loudest Muffler - Thom Perhac

1st Time Didn't Get Yelled At! - Jack Reynolds

Good Weather - Jim Duke

Lug Nut Award* - Walt Fisher

*British Car equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize



A portion of the 14 or so cars gathered for the event...
Porsches and Miatas were welcome as well...
(above & below) For a last minute event, we sure had a good turnout...

(above & below) Part of the line-up at Hooters (the 'Vette isn't ours!)...

(above & below) Cooling off at the Wolfchase Hooters...






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