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2019 Officers... 2019 Marque Leaders...
President: Steve Wayne Austin Healey: Jim Hofer
Vice President: Jeb Blanchard Empire: Dave White & Tom Wilson
Secretary: Jim Duke Jaguar: Terry Roberts
Treasurer: Steve Feltman MG: Steve Feltman & Paul Burdette
Triumph: Bill Schulzke

Newsletter Editors: Steve Wayne & Carolyn Shepard

Webmaster/Historian: Joe Reed

2019 Newsletters
January     May/June

April 30, 2019 -  Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday at La Playita Mexicana...

April 27, 2019 -  Edge Motor Festival
Jim Duke provided these photos of this event...

4/19 Edge Motor Festival

April 27, 2019 -  Hope Church Car Show & BBQ Fest
Here are a few photos from the show...

4/19 Hope Church Car Show & BBQ Fest

April 6, 2019 -  Natchez Euro-Fest
Here are some photos from the Natchez Euro-Fest, courtesy of Al and Dale Ross...

3/19 Natchez Euro-Fest

March 30, 2019 -  Edge Motor Museum
 This month's MG Marque Event was a visit to the Edge Motor Museum in the Edge District,,,,on the edge of downtown. This was sort of a sneak preview of the museum for BSCC members since the museum doesn't actually open until later in April. Enjoy the photos provided by Jim Duke and Jerry Chandler...

3/19 Edge Motor Museum

March 16, 2019 -  Tupelo Automobile Museum
This month's driving event was a trip down to the Tupelo Automobile Museum, which is scheduled to be closed permanently in April. Clear skies and mild temps made for a very pleasant drive down Highways 72, 178 and I-22. A large contingent of BSCC members made the trip - 14 cars...8 of them British!

3/19 Tupelo Automobile Museum

February 24, 2019 -  Garage Crawl
The rain finally left the area, the sun appeared, and a huge contingent of BSCC members turned out for a garage crawl to the home (and garage...and pottery shed) of Jon and Rita Brody, and then converged at Bahama Breeze for food and drinks...

2/19 Garage Crawl

February 3, 2019 -  Super Bowl Party
Our annual Super Bowl Party was once again hosted by Dave White. Here are a few photos...

2/19 Super Bowl Party

January 29, 2019 -  Taco Tuesday
This month's Taco Tuesday was held at Casa Mexicana (535 Perkins Ext. #101)...40 British car enthusiasts enjoying tacos on a cool January evening...ole!

1/19 Taco Tuesday


January 22, 2019 -  Monthly Meeting
Our first meeting of 2019 was very well attended, with a standing-room-only crowd!

January 5, 2019 - BSCC Cars & Coffee
The new year was kicked off by our first event of 2019. Here are a couple of photos, courtesy of Steve Wayne

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